Exercise as early mobilization in patients using vasoactive drugs

Amanda Mariano Morais, Daiane Naiara da Penha, Danila Gonçalves Costa, Vanessa Beatriz Aparecida Fontes Schweling, Jaqueline Aparecida Almeida Spadari, Giulliano Gardenghi


Introduction: The functional benefits of Early Mobilization (EM) capable of minimizing limitations and deformities in the face of immobility are clear, but there are many barriers to conduct EM as a routine practice in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), including the use of vasoactive drugs (VAD), since it is directly related to weakness acquired in the ICU, in addition to the resistance of the multidisciplinary team to mobilize the patient using VAD. Objective: The objective of this literature review is to raise a scientific basis in the management of critically ill patients using DVAs for EM in the ICU. Methods: It is an integrative review of the literature, with research in the databases: PEDro, Pubmed, Lilacs, with articles published between 2011 and 2018, in Portuguese and English, using the terms: vasoactive drugs, early mobility, exercise in UCI, vasopressor and its equivalents in Portuguese. Results: Nine studies were included that analyzed the EM intervention in patients using VAD, with or without ventilatory support. There was no homogeneous treatment among the researched works, varying between exercises in bed and outside, with passive and / or active action. However, regardless of the conduct, there was an improvement in the cardiovascular response without relevant changes regarding the use of VAD. Conclusion: EM is not contraindicated for patients in the ICU with the use of VAD, and it was shown to be effective and safe without promoting relevant hemodynamic and cardiorespiratory changes, which would determine its absolute contraindication.

Keywords: vasodilator agents, early ambulation, intensive care units, physical therapy specialty.


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.33233/rbfex.v19i4.4249


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