Physical exercise and medicinal plants: a promising source for health promotion?

Lúcio Marques Vieira Souza, Jymmys Lopes Dos Santos, Silvan Silva de Araújo, Anderson Carlos Marçal, Charles dos Santos Estevam


In view of the high consumption and phytotherapic medicines available on the market for use associated with exercise, from a nutritional point of view, it is extremely important to prove the safety of their use in order to avoid intoxication. In addition, the application of medicinal and phytotherapic plants associated with physical exercise presents another alternative resource to improve performance and attenuate the harmful effects caused by high-intensity exercise. Therefore, the adoption of physical exercises associated with the ingestion of supplements from plants with medicinal properties is suggested as important possibilities for health maintenance and promotion, both in pathology and in physical performance and in the mitigation of deleterious damages caused by physiological stress associated with chronic diseases.

Keywords: physical exercise, medicinal plants, supplementation, health promotion.

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