Association between oral health and changes in athlete’s routine and physical condition: systematic review

Jullian Josnei de Souza, Juliana Squizatto Leite, Ricardo Bahls, Rodrigo Stanislawczuk Grande, Bárbara Capitanio de Souza, Andre Luiz Lopes, Fabio André Santos


Objectives: Oral health can affect athlete’s training routine negatively impacting their performance. Therefore, the objective of this review was to evaluate the influence of oral health on the physical condition of athletes. Design: Systematic review. Methods: A systematic search of multiple databases was conducted to identify studies that reported the association between oral health and the physical performance of athletes. The inclusion criteria were observational studies that evaluated the impact of oral health on the physical performance of athletes in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Results: Twelve papers were included and the majority of the relevant papers evaluated the influence of oral health conditions on physical performance, using self-assessment type questionnaires, in which their methodology was heterogeneous. The association between oral health and physical performance varied from 7% to 88%. Conclusion: We observed an association between oral health in physical performance of athletes, however, there is still insufficient evidence to quantify this influence.

Keywords: oral health, athletic performance, athletes, observational study.


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